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Neo-Lithics 1/2011


The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research edited by G.O. Rollefson and H.G.K. Gebel 55 pages, 6,00 € plus postage
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Contents List


  • Jean-Denis Vigne, François Briois, Antoine Zazzo, Isabelle Carrère, Julie Daujat, Jean Guilaine , A New Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site in Cyprus: Ayios Tychonas - Klimonas (ca. 8700 cal. BC), 3-18
  • Omry Barzilai, Nimrod Getzov , The 2010 excavation season at Mishmar Ha'emeq in the Jezreel Valley , 19-22
  • Cheryl Makarewicz, Katherine Rose , Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic Settlement at el-Hemmeh: A Survey of the Architecture, 23-29
  • Deborah I. Olszewski, Maysoon al-Nahar , A Fourth Season at Yutil al-Hasa (WHS 784): Renewed Early Epipaleolithic Excavations ,  30-34
  • Gary O. Rollefson, Yorke Rowan, Megan Perry , A Late Neolithic Dwelling at Wisad Pools, Black Desert, 35-43
  • Moritz Kinzel, Aiysha Abu-Laban, Charlott Hoffmann Jensen, I. Thuesen, Marie Louise Jørkov , Insights into PPNB architectural transformation, human burials, and initial conservation works: Summary on the 2010 excavation season at Shkārat Msaied, 44-49
  • Dawn Cropper , Lithic Technology in Late Neolithic Jordan (PhD), 50-50
  • Danny Rosenberg , The Stone Industries of the Early Ceramic Bearing Cultures of the Southern Levant (PhD), 50-52  
  • Maria Theresia Starzmann , Stone Tool Technologies at Fıstıklı Höyük (PhD), 52-54  


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